March 7, 2018
by Brant Schalk
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Al and Goliath 2018

I am still working from photos taken near and around Chena Hotsprings road. Primarily from the Chena River Westfork trail head. I took this photo of Al who lives up the Westfork trail year round. He is a real character. … Continue reading

October 22, 2014
by Brant Schalk
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Cold War

I recently ¬†have ¬†been reading up and watching shows about the Cold War. What an interesting time in world history and although the Cold War is “over” it surprises me how much it still dictates Americas foreign policy and military … Continue reading

October 22, 2013
by Brant Schalk
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Feather of War

“Feather of War”   A multiblock print utilizes multiple blocks that can be carved into. Each plate is then used to contribute to the print. The advantage to using multiple blocks is that a more intricate design can be generated. … Continue reading