About me

I’ve been living in Alaska for most of my life. I enjoy going to the cabin, skiing, cycling, 4 wheeling, snow machining, small river fishing and creating art, primarily printmaking and sculptures. Fairbanks is special to me, so much so that I will tolerate its harsh winters. Most of the work within my site is from my BFA show.  I am currently working on the large burl which is displayed on my home page. With the help of my Dad and friend Sasha we pulled that beast out from the cabin. In my work I attempt to intersect mood, emotion, conflict, color and design all into one. I try to achieve a relatable feeling in my work that at least one person can connect to.



I recently went on a 3 week west to east coast trip. One word… Massive…  I stayed or stopped through LA, Las Vegas, Pheonix, New Orleans, Navarre beach/Florida and then finally New York City. I drove some of the way and flew the rest. traveling to the southern states was something I have always wanted to do, as well as go to New York City. I dedicated the trip to my Mother Kathy and my doggy Ben, RIP. Here are some photos of the trip.

Brants 2015 trip 084

My brother Kyl and I in LA where he lives

Brants 2015 trip 081

Marge Simpson was hitting on me I swear




Hey, Its the Hoover Dam!!


The cliff is literally to my right hand side so if I fell I would have died. This photo doesn’t do it credit,  but I was shaking.



New Orleans 018

I loved New Orleans so much. Great people great food great bars.

florida2 026

A beautiful view from the pier in Navarre Beach Florida. I stayed with cousin Ryan for 4 days.

New york 008

New York City. I didn’t like Times Square, but I loved the rest of the city.

new york 3 019

Rainbow Room 64th floor Rockefeller building. The Long Island Ice tea I drank up there knocked me for a loop.


Another shot atop the Rock


 Facing north from the Park Lane hotel 24th floor. Although the other 4 nights I stayed in New York I was at a really cool Air BNB in Harlem.


Since I’ve been back I got a new pal! Her name is Esmeralda. I’m crazy.

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