Feather of War

“Feather of War”

feather of war


A multiblock print utilizes multiple blocks that can be carved into. Each plate is then used to contribute to the print. The advantage to using multiple blocks is that a more intricate design can be generated. In this case I used 3 separate pieces of linoleum (all exactly the same size.) It is helpful to have a final design in mind, that way you can begin to compartmentalize the steps that are required to complete the process from beginning to end.

I started by applying the base layer to the print with a sublte outline of the design carved into the plate


Then while the ink is still wet on the paper, separately roll the second and third plate through the press with the paper. This will transfer the design to both of the other two plates.. See Examples below.

20130912_213312 20130912_215818 20130912_215857 20130912_220022






Now that that’s been completed its time to begin removing material from the rest of the plates and then inking them. I continue to build the prints layers one by one and reducing each plate more and more.




fow fow1 feather of war


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