March 7, 2018
by Brant Schalk
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Al and Goliath 2018

I am still working from photos taken near and around Chena Hotsprings road. Primarily from the Chena River Westfork trail head. I took this photo of Al who lives up the Westfork trail year round. He is a real character. I enjoy visiting with Al on my way out to my cabin. His dog is named Goliath and is a Burnese Mountain dog. He enjoys hunting with a Blackwidow bow. He also enjoys Wild Turkey 101.



New brushes make a big difference.



I rebuilt Al’s shed to be a bit larger. The previous version didn’t quite look right.   I also touched up the grass and got his truck completed.

A work in progress still.


January 11, 2017
by Brant Schalk
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2017 paintings.

I’ve began to create a new body of acrylic paintings based from photos I’ve taken around the West Fork Chena River. It is a place very dear to my heart. I love going to our family cabin more then ever. I will keep you posted on on how things are progressing. Here is one of my paintings.  

Acrylic on Canvas 12×14″   From the fire pit looking West

December 11, 2014
by Brant Schalk
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Stryker Unit

I created this for a co worker of mine. She wanted something that she could give to her husband who commands his own Stryker unit. After figuring out the basic design i decided to get started.





























The hot pad softens the linoleum


The final product. The print is much darker but the light washed it out. I promise I will come back and take decent photos of all of my finished products.